I've just been arguing with a friend via email about how to coordinate our schedules for next semester, and then I realized I don't even know what classes are available or what I can take, so apparently I just like being annoying for the sake of it. I'd rather not have a Saturday class, but I think I'll have to if I want to take the wildlife drawing class. My schedule sucks. I have no idea how I'm going to fit my work hours around it.

So, the library where I work has murder mystery nights for the teens. When they need people to play the suspects, they would ask the other Pages, but I always got snubbed. I was so snubbed I didn't even know we were having one until it was already over. And I figured, okay, whatever, they don't know I like murder mysteries and acting. So the last time we did one I told them I wanted to be in it and got a part.

Right? Well, I just found out we're doing another one and, once again: snubbed. Utterly. I'm like, um, but I was really enthusiastic about the last one and I thought I would continue to be included (because I asked to be), and the other Pages (including the new ones) automatically got parts and it's like I don't exist... Yeah, my feelings are easily hurt. Seniority, enthusiasm, and telling people what I'd like to do apparently have no affect. Helloooo, world, notice me.

And, on a non-woe-is-me note, I'm going to paint. I primed my canvas with the tan acrylic I have lying around, but then I realized I only have crappy brushes and a palette I never cleaned all semester... ever. To the art store, I go.
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