I've been a little, "Ummm, uhhh..." about posting something, on a new journal and all. It's a little odd. Should I just post about whatever, or should this be a place to focus on talking about Sweeney stuff? Well, how about both.

Ten minutes before midnight I got my Graphic Design final done. I was pretty surprised it only took an hour. Tomorrow I will be officially done with this semester! And then I can start procrastinating on my art for the rest of the summer. But I will start working on a graphic novel, I swear!

I've also been looking on Amazon for books to teach myself scenic design a bit, and I happened to find a book with the author's original Sweeney Todd set design on the cover:

They're still going with the idea of industrialization being an overwhelming, dehumanizing, destructive force, but it feels a lot more imposing than the original Broadway set design. I'd rather a Sweeney set be small and personal, but I like this one, especially the rusty iron texture. And something about the giant walls of iron is very unsettling.

I'm still trying to figure out the costumes- is that '50s-style Mrs. Lovett? It's hard to tell how modernized this version is.

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Yay for Graphic Design! I always thought that would make a nice career.

And graphic novel? Oh, wow, that is so cool. Good luck writing it! Or drawing it. Or both.

Urgh, that set is unsettling. It makes me really nervous, strangely enough. It's all bit and metallic and black. D:

The costumes seem to be 50s-style, yeah, which is rather odd. I most liked the costumes in the 2005!Cerveris!play (especially what LuPone did for Lovett XD ) and in the movie. You?
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From: [personal profile] scemo

Ah, so will you be posting the comic on Deewee? That'd be really cool!

Black and red are amazing colours, and Victorian fashion pwns. I really like top hats - one of the oh so many reasons that LuPone's costume in the Revival was amazing. XD

By the way, do you know if it's possible to get a DVD of the Revival? I've been looking around and even Amazon doesn't seem to have anything other than a CD of the soundtrack. :|
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From: [personal profile] scemo

All right, well, good luck!

And thanks. I've already seen the bootlegs - they're quite bad. :D


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