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( Jan. 18th, 2010 01:32 pm)
Guess what show I'm seeing on my birthday? You'll never guess. Ever. We got an email with links to the cast and crew info and a guide to the show, but the links didn't work. :(

Since last year, my mum and I have been arguing over which version it was going to be, traditional or Revival copy, but according to the promo picture, looks like I win. (Too bad we didn't bet on it...) I'm not surprised; it's the type of set easiest to rent (yes, Musical Theatre West are set-renters! I know them).
So, guess what, it's Tuesday. I think I sprained my middle finger because I was flipping people off too much doing so much graphic designing on my laptop these past few weeks, and I use that finger on my touchpad. I keep telling myself I'll take a break, and yet here I am.

I finally ordered my Traveler's History of England for my summer class in London, and I also ordered the model making book I posted about last time, because I always have to order more than one book on Amazon. I almost ordered The Dark Behind the Curtain, a kid's book about a performance of Sweeney Todd, but I found it at my school's library, so I'll make a trip to get it tomorrow.

And I have some art today. Because this is a creative journal and all that.

Cut for big pictures again.  )
I've been a little, "Ummm, uhhh..." about posting something, on a new journal and all. It's a little odd. Should I just post about whatever, or should this be a place to focus on talking about Sweeney stuff? Well, how about both.

Ten minutes before midnight I got my Graphic Design final done. I was pretty surprised it only took an hour. Tomorrow I will be officially done with this semester! And then I can start procrastinating on my art for the rest of the summer. But I will start working on a graphic novel, I swear!

I've also been looking on Amazon for books to teach myself scenic design a bit, and I happened to find a book with the author's original Sweeney Todd set design on the cover:

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