So, guess what, it's Tuesday. I think I sprained my middle finger because I was flipping people off too much doing so much graphic designing on my laptop these past few weeks, and I use that finger on my touchpad. I keep telling myself I'll take a break, and yet here I am.

I finally ordered my Traveler's History of England for my summer class in London, and I also ordered the model making book I posted about last time, because I always have to order more than one book on Amazon. I almost ordered The Dark Behind the Curtain, a kid's book about a performance of Sweeney Todd, but I found it at my school's library, so I'll make a trip to get it tomorrow.

And I have some art today. Because this is a creative journal and all that.

Instead of posting art I actually spend time on, I'll show off an odd ("expressive") doodle I did on Illustrator. I call it "Here Comes the Bride."

A sketch of my brother playing video games last weekend. He said, "I look sad." And I replied, "You are sad. You're the human tragedy."

While this is not my social issue poster for design class, it's an alternative idea I liked better, but I only ended up doing a quick version of it. What was fun was making the girl look like she had measles. Although it's also really gross, but there you have it. The type looks like crap because this is just a zoomed out screen-shot from Photoshop.
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From: [personal profile] scemo

You know, I really love Sweeney and Lovett in the movie's Pirelli scene. They look like such outcasts. XD

I really like how the first drawing looks as if it were actually done with ink. The texture of it, I suppose. Good job, anyway!

And that brother sketch is :o I've always envied people who can shade so well!
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From: [personal profile] scemo

"What exactly am I doing here..?"
Haha! Yeah, that seems about right. Oh, how I love movie Sweeney.

Me, I like compliments, period. :D
scemo: Mrs Lovett with the very mature caption of "everyone's checking out me boobies." (lovett)

From: [personal profile] scemo

But Mrs Lovett is sexy sexy sexy in the film

But yeah, I quite like the theatre one too. XD


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