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( Jan. 18th, 2010 01:32 pm)
Guess what show I'm seeing on my birthday? You'll never guess. Ever. We got an email with links to the cast and crew info and a guide to the show, but the links didn't work. :(

Since last year, my mum and I have been arguing over which version it was going to be, traditional or Revival copy, but according to the promo picture, looks like I win. (Too bad we didn't bet on it...) I'm not surprised; it's the type of set easiest to rent (yes, Musical Theatre West are set-renters! I know them).
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( Dec. 15th, 2009 06:14 pm)
Wow, I just looked around and realized it was December, and I haven't posted since... October. Huh.

Well, this semester was hard, and art finals are hard. And yet, I seem pretty good at sitting through six hours of critique, staring at the wall and smiling vaguely as I pretend to pay attention. So good at it, in fact, that it's a little concerning.

Here's one of my pieces for my Animal Drawing final:

Motion cat )
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( Sep. 22nd, 2009 11:43 pm)
Yeah, I've been absent. My bad. I meant to do a post with my London photos, but I got swamped with school and work. I'll get my act together... eventually.
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( Jun. 30th, 2009 09:49 pm)
I guess I should mention that I'm studying in London for a month and I haven't been checking dreamwidth very often. And I'm awfully tired, so I can't think of anything more to say. Cheers, I guess.
Okay, I have a confession: I snoop on the Disney pin site. Not that I ever buy pins. I kinda like the Jack and Sally in "A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte" pin, though. 

And I drew a penguin! I'm going to call him Harold. That's today's exciting news. I also get extremely jealous whenever I see gothy/Halloween weddings on TV. Somebody on Ace of Cakes got a gothic chapel wedding cake, with little zombie bride and groom and all six of their cats in Halloween costumes on it. So they deliver the cake, and all the guests are in Halloween costumes, the house is decked out, there's even a dead body in the booze cooler and... the bride and groom are in traditional wedding clothes. Like, maybe the bride's veil had black trim. I can understand not wanting to go too far, but it seemed a little out of place. (And, admittedly, I was a little disappointed.)

Also, twitter play. I can't help wondering if it's possible to actually write a poignant narrative using online community sites like this. Sure you can write a story with fake accounts, but a good one?
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( Jun. 1st, 2009 11:18 pm)
I'm going to see a real live Patti LuPone on stage (again!) in four weeks! Whoo hoo! It'll be my third time in the presence of Patti. Oh, and she's performing with Mandy Patinkin, which is cool, too.
I've just been arguing with a friend via email about how to coordinate our schedules for next semester, and then I realized I don't even know what classes are available or what I can take, so apparently I just like being annoying for the sake of it. I'd rather not have a Saturday class, but I think I'll have to if I want to take the wildlife drawing class. My schedule sucks. I have no idea how I'm going to fit my work hours around it.

So, the library where I work has murder mystery nights for the teens. When they need people to play the suspects, they would ask the other Pages, but I always got snubbed. I was so snubbed I didn't even know we were having one until it was already over. And I figured, okay, whatever, they don't know I like murder mysteries and acting. So the last time we did one I told them I wanted to be in it and got a part.

Right? Well, I just found out we're doing another one and, once again: snubbed. Utterly. I'm like, um, but I was really enthusiastic about the last one and I thought I would continue to be included (because I asked to be), and the other Pages (including the new ones) automatically got parts and it's like I don't exist... Yeah, my feelings are easily hurt. Seniority, enthusiasm, and telling people what I'd like to do apparently have no affect. Helloooo, world, notice me.

And, on a non-woe-is-me note, I'm going to paint. I primed my canvas with the tan acrylic I have lying around, but then I realized I only have crappy brushes and a palette I never cleaned all semester... ever. To the art store, I go.
So, guess what, it's Tuesday. I think I sprained my middle finger because I was flipping people off too much doing so much graphic designing on my laptop these past few weeks, and I use that finger on my touchpad. I keep telling myself I'll take a break, and yet here I am.

I finally ordered my Traveler's History of England for my summer class in London, and I also ordered the model making book I posted about last time, because I always have to order more than one book on Amazon. I almost ordered The Dark Behind the Curtain, a kid's book about a performance of Sweeney Todd, but I found it at my school's library, so I'll make a trip to get it tomorrow.

And I have some art today. Because this is a creative journal and all that.

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I've been a little, "Ummm, uhhh..." about posting something, on a new journal and all. It's a little odd. Should I just post about whatever, or should this be a place to focus on talking about Sweeney stuff? Well, how about both.

Ten minutes before midnight I got my Graphic Design final done. I was pretty surprised it only took an hour. Tomorrow I will be officially done with this semester! And then I can start procrastinating on my art for the rest of the summer. But I will start working on a graphic novel, I swear!

I've also been looking on Amazon for books to teach myself scenic design a bit, and I happened to find a book with the author's original Sweeney Todd set design on the cover:

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Look, I have a fancy journal and nothing to do with it yet. Ha ha.